Innovation that improves clinical practice

TIM Tubes™ were developed and tested in collaboration with the NHS Innovation hub for East of England, Key Opinion Leaders and Clinicians involved in Speech and Language Therapy, Learning Disabilities, Eating & Drinking Disorders and the Management & Care of patients with dysphagia and swallowing difficulties. 

*TIM Tubes™ are a visualisation tool demonstrating ‘fluid thickness & consistency’ and a method to train healthcare professionals, carers, support staff and individuals involved in the preparation and administration of thickened drinks. *TIM (Thickness Indicator Model)

Liquid thickness descriptors

TIM Tubes™ contain four silicone oils of fixed viscosities aligned to both International and National Descriptors of Fluid Texture1 written by the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists and The British Dietetic Association for the Management of Dysphagia.