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Solving Clinical Needs with Innovation, Technology & Design.

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Award winning expertise

We create Innovative design solutions for Medtech companies and healthcare professionals, providing expertise in taking your new ideas from concept, design & prototyping to quality manufacturing and commercial success.

Our experience, knowledge and know-how includes: design, prototyping, technology development, intellectual property protection, regulatory compliance, value engineering and quality manufacturing principles. Giving you a valuable resource for the development, commercialisation and global marketing strategies for new health products & medical devices: 

Design to Manufacture D2M™

A system of successful design, development, electronic & mechanical engineering of healthcare products & medical devices.  

Manufacturing services

Project Management, regulatory compliance, contract manufacturing, shipping and logistics conforming to ISO13485 Quality manufacturing. 

Licensing & Intellectual Property

Licensing acquisition of medical device concepts and healthcare technologies that reduce costs add value and improve patient care.  

Strategic Marketing

Sales & marketing strategies for the commercialisation of new devices and breakthrough technologies.  

Business Activities Sectors

  • Design & DevelopmentInnovative
  • Medical Devices
  • Licensing & IP Acquisition
  • Over the Counter
  • Manufacture & Testing
  • Healthcare at Home
  • Market Research
  • Pharmaceutical Devices
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Digital Diagnostics

‘Our strategy focuses on customer needs developing Innovative Medical Devices supported by robust patent protection, sound health economics, value engineering and leveraging on technologies that provide a value-added benefit to patients and healthcare providers.’ 
David A Wright CEO ViVO Smart Medical Devices Ltd.

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