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Protecting your healthcare innovation with science, proof, patents and knowledge

Protect the innovation and prove the science  

Protect the Technology
Prove the medical science
Protect the Device & Technology
Register Designs, Patents & IP
Health Economics Matrix & 4Ps
Licensing Strategy
Routes to Market Analysis
Identify Strategic Partners

Protecting your Innovation

Based on two decades of experience we have built up considerable resources in the development, strategy and commercialisation of new product ideas. 

Protect the technology prove the science

We have developed a strategy as part of our D2M™ process that leverages on various levels of protection, testing and validation that assesses the optimum methods of protecting your new product idea.

We work closely with clients on this important process to achieve the maximum commercial protection while minimising costs.

Intellectual Property IP

We are experienced in all forms of IP protection for national and international markets and can provide additional thoughts and suggestions alongside your patent attorney’s guidance.  

Health Economics

Healthcare expects manufacturers and suppliers to provide evidence of economic value using various models and assessment tools. We work with external healthcare assessment bodies that can provide this type of evidence based assessment data.

Healthcare 4Ps

Focusing on the global future of healthcare we incorporate the 4Ps into our development process:

  • Preventative
  • Predictive
  • Personalised
  • Participatory

Licensing & Strategic Partners

Depending on your commercial requirements we also work with strategic partners on licensing medical device technologies protected by intellectual property rights.

In many cases we can undertake manufacturing, marketing and sales to National and International Healthcare Markets via our strategic partnerships.

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