Got an idea?

We take your ideas from concept to commercial reality.

Got an idea?

We specialise in developing medical devices for clinicians, medical professionals and inventors turning ideas into reality.

A total solution for developing new innovative medical devices:

  • Clinical needs evaluation
  • Concept design & Product development
  • Electronics & Mechanical Design
  • Prototype testing & trials
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Patents & intellectual property
  • Licensing & market strategy 
  • Contract manufacturing

Concept to reality in four easy steps. 

We work with Medtech companies and Healthcare professional across all therapy areas specialising in turning ideas into reality.

You may have a great idea for a new medical device that could save lives or improve patient care but are not sure what to do next because you don’t have the time, expertise or know-how to take your idea forward. 

Developing medical devices is a complex and diverse process that must consider a myriad of requirements from meeting an unmet clinical need, regulatory requirements, design & patents, manufacturing constraints, and the demands of healthcare providers of reducing costs adding value and improving patient care. 

We’ve divided this process into four steps, while this is very much an overview it will guide you through how we work and what we recommend you do after first thinking of your new idea. 

Step 1 Research >Research >Research

If you are not sure about your idea or would just like some advice, please call or email and we’ll be happy to have a confidential no obligation discussion with you, were happy to offer free impartial advice and talk you through the development process and how we work.

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We always recommend you keep your ideas secret and then spend hours, days and weeks researching your idea to make sure it’s new and there is a market for your idea.

We can help you establish if your idea is new or is just a better way of doing something. Most inventors focus on the new but a better way of doing the same thing can also be considered novel.

If your idea is new and it meets an unmet need in healthcare then you can begin the exciting journey of taking your idea from concept to reality.

Step 2 Clinical needs

If you think your idea meets an unmet clinical need that will improve patient care, we can discuss with you our thoughts and suggestion on what you need to do next and how we can help to develop the concept for you.

We will sign a Confidentiality or Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you so you can discuss your idea with us in confidence.

We provide a range of expertise in developing your idea from design and development through to market research, licensing, marketing and manufacture. 

Step 3 Developing your great idea

We provide specialised skills, knowledge and know-how to design and develop your new medical device or healthcare technology:

  • Clinical needs - we will evaluate your idea to determine its potential to improve patient care and meet unmet clinical needs.
  • Healthcare needs – we will also help to evaluate its potential in meeting the needs of healthcare providers such as reducing costs.
  • New Product development – we provide a complete end-to-end solution from concept design, prototyping and testing.
  • Project Management – we provide a complete solution in managing the design and development process.

Developing Innovative Medical Devices

Our new product development programme D2M™ is a turn-key design to manufacturing solution that guides your new product idea along the development pathway to successful manufacture and commercialisation.

Protecting your idea

In parallel we provide commercial services and guidance in protecting your idea:

  • Intellectual Property (IP) – we can help and guide you with applying for patents and design rights to protect your idea.
  • Investment – in some cases we can help you with financing your idea or establish the best product development pathway
  • Licensing & Commercialisation – we can also work with you to license or commercialise your idea with industry partners we work with.
  • Expertise – our knowledge and expertise in developing innovative new ideas will allow us to fast track the development taking it from concept to market.  

Step 4 Commercialisation & Licensing 

Commercialising your medical device idea is an important step, we provide impartial professional advice and a range of solutions from helping you licence your idea to providing sales and marketing expertise.

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We offer a turnkey design and development solution specifically for developing and commercialising innovative new ideas in healthcare. 

For a confidential, no obligation discussion so we can understand your needs, what you’re looking for, how we can help and the advantages of using our skills and resources.

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