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Solving Clinical Needs with Innovation, Technology & Design.

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Bringing Innovation to Lives™

The Healthcare is paradigm changing and requires new ways of thinking. The cost of healthcare is increasing globally, the population is aging and new markets are emerging creating new challenges and opportunities.

We believe... innovation in healthcare is about thinking and looking in new directions, changing the status quo, asking questions, adding value. Developing healthcare technologies that improve patient outcomes and reduce costs to healthcare, also focusing on prevention, health & wellness making people healthier, happier and at home. 


ViVO Smart Medical Devices core value is about bringing innovation to lives™. We achieve this by designing and developing effective, trusted affordable medical devices & healthcare technologies that add value, reduce costs and improve patient care.


Solve clinical needs with Innovative technology that delivers improved patient outcomes at a lower cost. Think in new ways to meet the needs of customers and healthcare by developing innovative medical devices & healthcare technologies that enhance people’s lives, care and comfort.


Add value for our clients by solving problems, developing medical device innovations from concept to final manufacture with patent protection, health economic evaluation, value engineering, developing healthcare technologies that healthcare will buy and patients need. 


Creativity, perseverance, knowledge, skill, know-how and passion. Our development process is diverse, collaborative and based on results. We create a seamless link from a clinician’s idea to a manufactured innovative new medical device.


We work hard, were open, transparent and we care. Importantly if you are a healthcare professional with an idea, inventor or Medtech company we’ll  create for you healthcare products that make a difference in people’s lives.


Our knowledge and know-how is the commercialisation of medical device technologies developing ideas from concept to manufacture.  

  • Focused on patient outcomes with innovative design solutions.
  • Reducing risk and increasing return on investment for stakeholders and healthcare providers.
  • Excellence in the Design, Manufacture and Marketing of Innovative Medical Devices that reduce cost, add value and improve patient care. 

Our healthcare design solutions are based on collaborating with healthcare professionals, research, asking the right questions and understanding clinical needs. Creating value in everything we do.

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