Meeting your needs

Expertise in developing therapeutic and patient focused devices.  

Got an idea?

We provide design expertise in developing innovative pharmaceutical devices for effective drug delivery including complex engineering design, high volume manufacturing knowledge and materials technology. 

We understand patient needs, safety, comfort and compliance where we have medical device expertise with clinical and regulatory knowledge. 

Creating value – increasing compliance

With a background in developing innovative medical devices we have expert knowledge in advanced technologies, therapy areas and manufacturing processes. These include disposables, re-useable and patient focused drug delivery devices. Design to Manufacture

Product pipeline

We also provide product pipeline ideas to develop your portfolio of devices and technologies from inhalation to injection devices using technology, engineering and scoping analytics. 

Emerging Markets & Global Solutions  

We can increase your competitive edge from developing value engineered product solutions, engaging with new or developing markets,  product segmentation and personalisation:

  • Personalisation of devices to increase compliance and improve patient care.
  • Value engineered devices that improve patient outcomes and meet the needs of healthcare providers.
  • Target ageing populations & emerging markets where demands for effective drug delivery are changing with demographics, costs and healthcare needs. 

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