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Sourcing of healthcare products and medical devices.

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Global sourcing of medical devices for healthcare providers and distributors, a tailored package according to your exacting standards and detailed product specifications. 

We provide sourcing of medical devices and supplier auditing for quality manufacturing conforming to ISO13485 compliance with regulatory and environmental regulations.

Sourcing medical devices

With our expertise in design and manufacturing of medical devices we  work with key suppliers offering a bespoke sourcing facility for healthcare providers and industry providing the following expertise:

  • Supplier audit & due diligence.
  • Pricing and costing validation.
  • Contract negotiation.
  • Regulatory requirements.
  • Quality Control.
  • Packaging & User Instructions.
  • Logistics and supply chain control.

Dual Sourcing & Secondary suppliers

De-risking your current supply chain or managing peaks in supply and demand we can be your secondary source for key product lines. We only work with fully accredited suppliers accredited to ISO9000 and ISO13485 Quality manufacturing standards.

OEM Manufacturing of Medical devices

We also provide contract manufacturing services where existing products can be re-engineered to meet your specific requirements from printing, packaging, user manuals or more complex engineering design changes. 

Contract packaging & Bar Coding

Our packaging technology includes printing & packaging uniformity, structural packaging, testing and GS1 bar coding for traceability and stock control.

Logistics & Supply Chain

We integrate into your existing supply chain with CIF or FOB freight services complying with international trade terms.

A global solution in the sourcing of medical devices helping you manage your supply chain and sourcing requirements.

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