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Designing the ‘right’ medical device for clinicians, patients & healthcare

Product Development Process Diagram  

Phase 1   Define the clinical need
Phase 2   Design the Solution & DFM
Phase 3   Prototype Samples
Phase 4   Marketing Investigation
Phase 5   Protection of IP
Phase 6   Clinical Evidence
Phase 7   Regulatory Road Map
Phase 8   Key Deliverables


Define the Clinical Need

Our process solves clinical needs with design solutions that are value engineered to meet the needs of patient’s healthcare providers. 

Concept Design

We develop design concepts exploring technologies and innovative designs where ideas are evaluated for innovation and engineering design solutions that will benefit patients.

Product Design & Development

Our process ensures project needs are validated and incorporated into the final design allowing complex projects to be de-risked and developed into innovative medical devices. 

Design for Manufacture DFM 

At the core of our development process is Design for Manufacture ensuring all parts, processes and assemblies have been optimised for Quality Manufacturing Principles.

  • Value Engineering for Lean Manufacturing & Cost Reduction.
  • Design for Manufacture of all parts, process and assemblies
  • Quality Manufacturing Principles for regulatory compliance.

3D Computer Aided Design & CAD CAM Drawings

Innovative design solutions are further developed via 3D Computer Aided Design creating digital renderings, mould flow analysis and technical part drawings.

Electronics & Mechanical Design

We have capabilities and resources to provide specific turnkey electronic and mechanical design solutions from plastic components to complex diagnostic imaging.

Ergonomic evaluation

We perform field testing and ergonomic evaluation from user interface design to functionality and performance indicators.

Design Phase - the Next steps

Taking your design forward we provide expertise in:

  • Prototype fabrication and functional samples.
  • Electronics and Mechanical Engineering. 
  • OEM Contract Manufacturing.

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