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Developing innovative medical devices that meet the needs of modern healthcare

Healthcare Technology Development Pathway  

Clinical Evaluation
Technology & Prototype Development
Product Testing & Compliance
Regulatory Road Map
Financial Analysis & ROI
Project Management & Risk Analysis
Product Pipeline Development

Cost effective medical devices 

As part of our product development pathway for designing innovative medical devices we understand the focus of solving clinical needs with technology that will improve patient care and reduce costs to healthcare.

Clinical Trials & User evaluation

We validate this important process working with healthcare professionals and independent organisations that perform clinical trials and user evaluations.

Healthcare Technology

With engineering expertise in electronics, mechanical design, software and healthcare we draw on a broad spectrum of innovative problem solvers to develop healthcare technologies that solve unmet needs. 

Prototype Development

We produce rapid prototypes and high quality functional samples for performance testing, ergonomics and clinical evaluation.

Regulatory Requirements & Product Testing

We work with leading regulatory testing laboratories for national and international compliance covering:

  • CE Marking & Technical Files.   
  • Quality & Regulatory requirements.
  • ISO 13485 Quality Management system for medical devices.

Financial Analysis & ROI

Working with stakeholders, investors and we are able to provide financial analysis for new product development based on return on investment, manufacturing and procurement costs. 

Project Management & Risk Analysis

Risk management is integral to our project management system which allows us to plan, anticipate and respond to all eventualities as a project is developed. 

Product Pipeline Development

As part of our design management strategy we also provide Product Pipeline development which can open up new markets and opportunities such as:

  • Branding and line extensions.
  • Increase sales revenue in new markets.
  • Establish products in growing and emerging markets.

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