Benefits of using TIM Tubes™ 

Reduce the risk of aspiration pneumonia for dysphagia sufferers, the hospitalised elderly and people in care homes.

Thickened fluids and drinks are frequently prescribed for patients as a therapeutic treatment for dysphagia. However, achieving the correct consistency reliably is challenging when only written descriptors of the different stages of fluid thickness can be referenced.

Patient Safety

TIM Tubes™ helps to remove user error in preparing and assessing thickened drinks that can impact patient safety for people suffering stroke, cancer, head injuries, mental health and learning disabilities; as they can choke or aspirate on liquids that have not been thickened correctly leading to discomfort, unplanned hospital admissions and mortality.

Languages & Terminology

  • Removes international language differences and educational barriers of caregivers.
  • Enables clear visual assessment without the need for reading or written descriptions.   
  • Removes confusion with different language terminologies of liquid thickness descriptions.

Health Economics & Care Continuum

  • Reduce risks of hospital admissions from aspiration or choking.
  • Cost effective visual aid for healthcare professionals and caregivers.
  • Improves patient safety & wellbeing in Hospitals, Nursing & Care homes.

Benefits to Healthcare professionals, Hospitals and Care Homes 

  • Training Aid: For healthcare professionals, carers, individuals and family members to accurately prepare and assess thickened fluids & drinks for people with dysphagia and swallowing difficulties. 
  • Improve Patient Safety: Ensures safer practice by reducing preparation errors and user variation in assessment of consistency modification of thickened fluids & drinks.
  • Standardised Thickness Comparators: Demonstrates the thickness and flow rates of the four stages of fluid thickness aligned to the National Descriptors of fluid modification.