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Solving Clinical Needs with Innovation, Technology & Design.

Got an idea?

Thinking in the new healthcare paradigm

ViVO Smart Medical Devices is the UK’s leading design-to-manufacturing company converting ideas & clinical needs into innovative medical devices.

We provide design, technology and manufacturing expertise to Medtech Companies and Healthcare professionals with new ideas and a proven clinical need; designing, developing and commercialising them into high quality innovative medical devices for the global healthcare market.

Our focus is on improving patient outcomes and developing medical devices that add value, reduce costs and improve patient care. We call it Bringing Innovation to Lives

We create a return on investment in the new healthcare paradigm developing products that solve clinical needs, improve patient outcomes and reduce costs to healthcare.

  • We create value solving problems for healthcare professionals and Medtech companies providing expertise in design, innovation and technology.
  • We develop innovative medical technologies with a proven clinical need that improve patient outcomes and reduce cost to healthcare. 

We make it happen for you  

Chief Executive David Wright has over twenty years experience in the design, manufacture & marketing of health, personal care and electronic devices for global organisations working with international teams across global markets. 

Knowledge & Expertise

Our experts handle your new product development programme from start to finish with specialist design, technology, prototyping and manufacturing expertise, creating successful new healthcare products for you.We focus on solving your clinical needs, improving patient outcomes and creating products that healthcare will buy. I have been responsible for developing and taking to manufacture hundreds of successful products for SMEs and International Companies some of which have been produced in millions of units for global markets.  

Our considerable in-depth knowledge of developing healthcare technologies provides you with trust, know-how and expertise where patient outcomes, quality, market needs and costs are critically important. ViVO Smart Medical devices is a leading company specialising in the design, development and manufacturing expertise of innovative medical devices and healthcare technologies.

David A Wright CEO ViVO Smart Medical Devices Ltd.

Design to Manufacturing Know-how 

We provide the ‘know-how’ to Medtech companies, suppliers, hospitals and healthcare professionals to develop new ideas, healthcare technologies and new medical device innovations. 

  • Design, Development & IP Protection.
  • Regulatory and Compliance.o Engineering & Technology Development.
  • Manufacturing and Marketing strategies.
  • Commercialisation & Licensing.

Find out more about our Design to Manufacture D2M™ and Manufacturing Services, how we work and the advantages of working with us. 

NHS Partnership Award

We provide specialised design, partnering and commercial services helping NHS organisations, clinicians and healthcare professionals to develop new ideas, technologies and training aids for the benefit of patients and staff – we’ve even won awards for it.

Growing your business – meeting the needs of Global Healthcare

We have also won the *UKTI Export for Growth Award demonstrating our business and commercial acumen showing how we can grow business and opportunities through exporting new products to the global healthcare market. News/UKTI Award *United Kingdom Trade & Investment

You can also find out more about our Vision & Values and an overview of our Expertise and FAQs. 

‘We focus on patient needs working with Healthcare professionals and Medtech companies developing Innovative Medical Devices that provide a value-added benefit to patients and healthcare providers.’ 
David A Wright CEO ViVO Smart Medical Devices Ltd.

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