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Pocket ~ Flow Children’s Asthmatic Spacer launched 28th May 2011 11:16

ViVO Smart Medical Devices specialises in the Design, Development, Manufacture and Marketing of Innovative Medical Devices. We work with organisations such as the NHS, Senior Clinicians and Companies looking to develop and commercialise New Medical Device Innovations.

Pocket ~ Flow Children’s Asthmatic Spacer is the First Compact Collapsible Spacer specially designed to appeal to Children with a view to increasing usage and compliance.

The device has been peer reviewed and tested for optimised particle flow analysis. The compact portable design makes it easy for children, parents or even a school to keep the Pocket-Flow Spacer readily to hand which increases efficacy with obvious health benefits to the child patient.

Lord Darzi was one of a number of influential visitors and took time out to chat with David Wright of ViVO Smart Medical Devices whose Pocket-Flow Children’s Asthma Spacer was officially launched in Dusseldorf this year. The Pocket Flow Spacer is a Medical Device Innovation licensed from NHS Health Enterprise East.

“We have received a terrific response to the Pocket-Flow device from a number of international buyers,” says David Wright, MD of ViVo Smart Medical Devices. “Lord Darzi was especially interested in our design and development process, as well as the challenges we have overcome to launch the product into the NHS and international healthcare markets.”

The device received a great response from numerous International buyers and global organisations and we hope will be a world class device in helping children better cope with their asthmatic condition.